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Advancis® Capilar

Properly taking care of our hair and scalp is a major factor when it comes to avoiding extensive damage that can compromise our self-esteem and personal comfort.

To have a healthy, resistant, soft, shiny and enviably beautiful hair, you have to know what to do in each situation.

So, we created our Advancis® Capilar line, which includes several food supplements, shampoos, a lotion and a serum.

This line thus aims to help and assist our customers in their daily hair care, so that they feel good both about themselves and the condition of their hair.

Assim, torna-se importante perceber primeiro que, para atingir o objetivo é fundamental cuidar do seu cabelo da raiz até às pontas.

Healthy and balanced hair and scalp need adequate amounts of water, protein and amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other substances that promote both the well-being and strengthening of your hair structure.

You can complement your daily diet with supplements, then adding the most appropriate shampoo or lotion for each case and finishing with a serum.

For optimal results, we recommend using our products for a minimum period of 3 months.

The Advancis® Capilar line takes care of your hair all year round.


A healthy, beautiful and shiny hair shows that we take good care of it, besides going a long way towards boosting our self-esteem.

Discover the Advancis® Capilar range: products with formulas specially developed to bring out the best in your hair and scalp, from the inside out, whatever your need.

We take care of your hair


With you in mind, Advancis® Capilar has developed a set of solutions tailored to your hair needs.

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Advancis® Advancis® is a brand of the Portuguese Farmodiética group that presents you with health and well-being solutions, with a vast portfolio of products which, combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, help improve quality of life in all ages and for the whole family.

Our products are the result of our mission, whose goal is to create effective and innovative formulas that add value to families' daily lives.

With an increased average life expectancy, the demand for a healthy lifestyle also increases through the adoption of varied and effective strategies that improve quality of life by providing vitality and helping combat ageing.

Every day we develop ideas and solutions that allow us to present our Consumers with quality, innovation, rigour and the guarantee that it is possible to live longer and better, in a healthy way, promoting physical and mental well-being, with a wide range of products that aim both to complement diet and to alleviate the symptoms of common mild health conditions.

In this context, we seek to create both service and technological solutions that allow us all to be closer, with better customer loyalty and productivity.

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    Based on natural-origin bioactive agents, nutrients and standardized plant extracts which provide real benefits to human health.


    It goes beyond product manufacturing and distribution: we are committed to long-term success and the full well-being of consumers.