How to prevent hair loss in summer

Summer isn't just about dry and damaged hair – excessive hair loss is also a common problem.

In this article, learn when there might be cause for alarm and how to prevent excessive hair loss in the coming season.

When does hair loss become a concern?


Hair loss is a natural process since hair growth is cyclical. At each stage of this process, it is essential to maintain your hair’s balance in terms of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


However, although seasonal hair loss is normal, there are some factors that damage the hair, further increasing hair loss and causing visible damage to the hair fibre.


In summer, prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as salty sea water and chemicals present in pool water, can mean an even greater increase in hair breakage, and subsequent loss, during the summer season. UV rays and excessive sun exposure can damage the hair structure, leaving it drier, weaker and more prone to becoming brittle.

Prevention during the summer months


To avoid and prevent hair loss, it is essential to have a hair care routine suited to your needs, as well as considering the external factors that may be contributing, particularly at this time, to an increase in hair breakage and subsequent loss.


Consider some of these tips:


1. Direct protection


Use accessories, such as hats or scarves, to reduce the time spent in direct sunlight and apply a hair sunscreen or a leave-in product with UV protection before prolonged exposure to the sun.


2. Avoid peak heat hours


Try not to be exposed to intense sunlight during the hottest hours, particularly between 11am and 5pm – both your hair and your skin will thank you for this!


3. When at the beach or pool


You can wet your hair with fresh water before diving – this reduces salt or chlorine absorption. The use of a leave-in conditioner can also help create a protective barrier between your hair strands and any harmful elements that may be present in the water.

After leaving the water, rinse your hair well with fresh water to remove any salt or chlorine residue that remains in your hair.


4. Hydration is paramount


Keep your hair hydrated – use specific products, with formulas specially developed to revitalize damaged and dull hair, and that help provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins so that your hair strands do not become dull and fragile.

Take care of yourself and your hair, using the most suitable products and protecting your hair in times of greater exposure to any aggression caused by external agents, such as the sun, salt and chlorine.

This will keep your hair healthy, without excessive breakage and much softer throughout the bathing season.



Hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women. Discover the solutions we have for you.