In summer, hair is more exposed to various conditioning factors, such as heat or salt water. Therefore, it is important to reinforce the care.

Summer is synonymous with heat, beach, swimming pool and also with taking extra care with your hair.


In summer, the hair gets exposed to the sun, namely to ultraviolet rays, to the chlorine in the swimming pool, and sea water. All of these can be very aggressive to the hair fibres and, therefore, in addition to your regular hair routine, you should take extra care with your hair during this season.



One of the chief precautions to take in summer is to use a range of products suitable for this time of year as well as your hair type, favouring the use of shampoo, mask, conditioner, and hair sunscreen, which provide extra care to the hair strands.


Bearing in mind the typical external aggressions at this time of year, the use of hair products with repairing and moisturizing properties may be wise. As hair tends to get drier in the summer, your hair hydration routine should be more frequent than usual.


Extra care is crucial when it comes to coloured hair, as exposure to the sun and chlorine oxidizes the hair, fading its original colouring and leaving it rougher to the touch and dull. During the bathing season you should avoid subjecting your hair to any colouring process, so as not to weaken the hair strands.



Hats and scarves aren't just fashion accessories. Wearing a hat or scarf helps protect your hair and scalp from sun exposure, especially in the hottest hours. When bathing, you should also keep your hair tied up to avoid contact with water as much as possible.



After a trip to the beach or pool, it is essential to wash your hair well to make sure that all salt, chlorine, and sunscreen residues are removed. Use lukewarm water during the bath or shower, and finish off rinsing with colder water, for a shinier hair feeling.



Letting your hair dry naturally is an equally important tip. Taking advantage of the hot days, you can avoid using dryers or straighteners which attack the hair fibre, thus sparing your hair the stress of additional external aggressions.



Between swims and walks, use a wide-toothed comb throughout the day to prevent your hair from drying out tangled and knotted. This kind of comb is ideal for combing without pulling the threads.

Therefore, it is possible to have a beautiful, hydrated hair if you follow a proper, simple hair care routine that doesn't take much time. Make these little tips a part of your summer hair routine.



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