Discover the power of Hair Detox

Detox is a procedure that has been gaining more and more prominence. Discover its benefits and enhance your hair care routine.

Hair care is essential to keep hair strands healthy.


One of the procedures now on the rise in the world of hair care is Hair Detox.


In this article, we explain what Hair Detox is and the benefits it can bring to your hair's well-being.

What is Hair Detox?

Detox is a procedure aimed at detoxifying and purifying the scalp, helping to remove impurities, product residues and excess oiliness. It also helps balance both the scalp and hair strands’ pH, promoting a healthy environment for hair growth and maintaining follicle structure.

5 benefits of
Hair Detox


1. Deep cleansing of the scalp:

Detox provides a deep cleansing, helping to eliminate waste that builds up with the use of everyday products and pollution. This cleansing helps control oiliness and improves the absorption of products by the hair strands.


2. Hair growth:

By eliminating impurities and promoting the oxygenation of the scalp (through a massage), Capillary Detox improves the supply of nutrients to the follicles, helping the growth of stronger and more resistant hair strands.


3. Oil control:

This capillary procedure helps balance the production of natural oil on the scalp, helping to avoid excess oiliness and conditions such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.


4. Improved texture and shine of hair strands:

With the removal of residues and impurities, the hair becomes lighter and looser, resulting in a softer texture and a shiny appearance. Capillary Detox also helps maintain hair elasticity, leaving it with a healthier and more beautiful look.


5. Protection against future damage:

By keeping the scalp clean and well-groomed, Hair Detox helps prevent split ends and breakage. This procedure also protects the hair's natural barrier, making it more resistant to external aggressions.

Incorporating this type of procedure into your hair care routine is a way to maintain healthy, beautiful and resistant hair.

For the best results, consult a specialist and invest in suitable products, following a care routine that includes hydration, nutrition and repair of the hair strands.



Now that you know what Hair Detox is, keep in mind the 5 benefits of this procedure that helps maintain your hair's well-being:

  • 1.

    Deep cleansing of the scalp

  • 2.

    Hair growth

  • 3.

    Oil control

  • 4.

    Improved texture and shine of hair strands

  • 5.

    Protection against future damage



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