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Dry Dandruff

Restore your scalp's balance


Dry peeling is characterized by the flaking of the scalp skin into small white or grey particles, which can be visible on the surface of the hair and on clothing.


Causes it?

  • Exposição solar

    Dry dandruff can be caused by a deregulation in the production of sebum by the scalp’s sebaceous glands. Excess sebum or the lack of it can lead to excessive flaking of the scalp skin, resulting in dry dandruff.

  • allergic reactions

    Dry dandruff can be caused by allergic reactions to hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners and sprays. Some ingredients in hair care products may irritate the scalp skin and trigger excessive peeling. It is essential to choose a care range that is suitable for you.

  • underlying medical conditions

    Some underlying medical conditions, such as psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, can promote increased flaking of the scalp, resulting in dry dandruff.

the right routine

for each condition

Certain habits can promote a tendency towards scalp imbalance.

Try to avoid excessive use of hair products that may irritate the scalp and try to reduce the amount of time your hair is exposed to water or very hot temperatures.


also matters

Diet can also influence the appearance of dry dandruff. A diet poor in nutrients such as zinc, vitamins B and E, and omega-3 fatty acids can increase the risk of dry dandruff.

In turn, a diet rich in these nutrients can help keep the scalp healthy and reduce flaking.


should i do?

  • 1.

    Wash your hair with products that respect the scalp.

    Washing your hair correctly with products that respect the comfort and protection of a sensitive scalp is essential to prevent the appearance of dry dandruff.
    It is also important not to wash your hair too often, as this can lead to dehydration of the scalp.
  • 2.

    Go for a calm and stress-free life.

    Stress can affect the immune system, leading to an imbalance in the proper functioning of the scalp and, in turn, an increase in inflammation and scaling of the scalp.
    Try to keep a calm and peaceful everyday life.
  • 3.

    Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

    On the other hand, foods rich in zinc and B vitamins – such as meat, fish, eggs and leafy green vegetables – and in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, nuts and seeds, can help prevent or reduce dry dandruff.
    Keeping a balanced diet is essential to ensure the maintenance of a healthy and balanced scalp.


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